Why Must You Clean Your Air Ducts?

The air duct is intended to produce clean air within your property, and the majority of the HVAC systems now have air filters to guarantee that the air they will produce is as clean as they could. A lot of particles can still reach through the air filters. Hence, if you can observe the following signs, you need to make sure to schedule a duct cleaning maintenance before the winter starts:

Mold development

First, you have to remove one of the vents’ grilles. Then, search for as far as you can see whether there’s a formation of mold within the ductwork using your flashlight. Also, you might observe a moldy smell once there are enough molds within your ductwork. If there are molds within your ductwork, that only means that there is moisture in it. So, you should inspect if your ducts have leaks. Moreover, moistures can damage the insulation of the ductwork. Hence, this should be addressed by the experts.

Impassive dampers

To HVAC systems, dampers are the ones that regulate the amount of cool or warm air that flows into a specific room. Dampers contain moving parts, which could be accumulated with dust. If this happens, dust could obstruct their movement until they cannot respond to the thermostat.

Reduced efficiency

Once your ductwork I clean, it can drastically optimize the efficiency of your HVAC system. Also, it reduces the instances of reduced output and clogs. This is particularly vital once you have a wood-fired, gas, or oil furnace since other particles might escape from the burning fuel towards the ductwork. If this is the case, then you must have your chimney reined or checked if necessary.


If you have observed indicators of vermin within the ductwork, have them immediately eliminated by a professional. Ductwork is intended to just enable air to pass through. Hence, on top of the pest control and duct cleaning costs, there’s a possibility that you’ll also have to address broken seams, holes, and other entry points that pests might enter.

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